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Why Your Business Will Benefit From A Mobile App


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Why do I need a mobile app?

You may believe because your website is available on mobile devices that you do not need a mobile app. However, ask yourself, when’s the last time your mobile website sent your clients a notification? Or when was the last time your website sent your customers coupon codes straight to their phone. Here's a huge one: When is the last time your website sent your customer a notification of a special you are they are parked in front of a competitor’s store. Amazingly these are only a few of many reasons that your business or organization would greatly benefit from having a custom built mobile app. Here are even more reasons to get your business or organization a custom mobile app.




TechCrunch shows that the average U.S. consumer now spends five hours a day on mobile devices. And 92 % of the time is spent using apps -- leaving only 8 % remaining on a web browser of some kind. Also, having your logo on the home screen of somebody's mobile device, which a customer looks at multiple times a day will keep your brand at the forefront of peoples minds.



If you provide a customer loyalty option, having an app makes it easy for you to ditch those old outdated punch cards. You can even issue coupons, promotions or freebies when a customer “Checks-In” a certain amount of times, making it easy to reward customers with discounts, coupons, and other incentives. This turns repeat customers into loyal customers.


Texts and push notifications seem so similar that some mistakenly consider them to basically be the same thing and it can be tempting to lump them together and treat them the same way. They both arrive on a user’s mobile device and they both have average open rates of 90%! However what makes them better than texting is that not all your customers may have an unlimited texting plan. Therefore push notifications are an incredible way to inform your customers about any new products and specials, getting them hooked on your brand.



Offering coupons, sales, promotions, Bogo’s and other specials through your mobile app is the most cost effective way to advertise your brand and products period. You no longer have to hope that your customers saw your advertisements or heard your radio ad. Your message gets to them instantly, on their phone, where they are guaranteed to see it.

Geo Fencing


Geo fencing is a good enough reason to create an app alone. You can easily set up a radius around your front door that will alert customers to sales or promotions when they walk or drive in range of your business. Maybe your beginning Geo fence is just 5 miles around your business that tells customers you know about a sale. Then another more personal one .01 miles around your business that alerts people of another message when they walk by your store.



Another important thing is beacons. Beacons are small, Bluetooth-enabled devices that hook to a wall or counter in a store. They detect human presence through a customer's smartphone and then deliver relevant information, including deals, special offers and personalized shopping suggestions. Geo fences do pretty much the same thing but using a GPS or RFID technology to expand the geographic range and go beyond the store’s interior. Both are touch points designed to improve customer loyalty and in-store sales.

Online Ordering

Make ordering easy to do and be where your customers are. We can put your entire menu on your mobile app, so that your customers can order and pay right from your custom mobile app with Custom App Build. Study’s show a 20% increase in order size when adding this awesome feature.


Some of our Popular App Features

  • Social Media

  • Photo Sharing

  • Events

  • Shopping Cart

  • Maps

  • Quiz Survey

  • Restaurant Tools

  • Monetize

  • Geo-Targeting

  • Audio-Radio

  • Beacon-Ready

  • Locations

  • Gaming

  • Messenger

  • Form Builder

  • Health Field

  • Entertainment

  • Analytics

  • Small Business

  • News

  • Education

  • Blog

  • Theaters

  • Church App